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Have you read The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa? You should. The series is called Blood of Eden, and they are absolutely amazing! I’ve already pre-ordered the 3rd book! Only like 2 weeks to go yay! Basically, without giving too much away, they are set a dystopian society where Vampires rule. They are not crappy vampire books(like twilight and those other sad excuses!) so don’t just dismiss them! The main character, Allie, kicks SUPER butt. Seriously, she’s up there with Tris Prior(divergent) and Pressia(pure). READ THE BOOKS DO ITTTT! They are pretty much the best thing you will ever read..ever! I drew a sweet, butt-kickng, scribble of Allie :)


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The Coveted Gift

The thing I never received probably because I never really told Santa that I wanted one and because it was a sin to covet or want something that Barb, Sue and Sally had. It was an easy bake oven. O Yeah. I wanted one but maybe I wasn't as good as they were :/

I also never received a simple Barbie! That just sucked six ways from Sunday!

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The Silver Dial

uh…. hangs head . Well here I am and it's 6:04 AM and I haven't gone to sleep yet. I really don't know what to think about this. I like it being so close to dawn and it's also really close to 9:00 AM in which I will probably go to bed around 10:00 AM. I would have to say the best hour of the day is 9 o'clock AM/PM for me cause it's close to bedtime and who doesn't like that? amIright?

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Simply the Nest

How bout NOT going to happen! There is a reason Humans live on THIS planet [earth]. It is the best suitable you fucking Morons! If you try to plant seeds with water and dirt on another planet, or pollute other planets with your modern crap do you honestly think you are equipped and smart enough to think it will produce the same results in some other foreign fucking environment? What the fuck do you plan on doing anyway? Blow our planet up, so you can have your little experiment party somewhere else? FUCK YOU!

Haha now that is out of the way ….. pack your bags and make sure to bring a big warm blanket with you so you can lay your head down and die.

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A Bad Habit To Break

Every time I read a book , or watch TV I'm constantly playing with my hair to the point where my arms get tired. It's as if my hands need something to do and I can't stop twirling and playing with it!

Eureka! Thank you very much Plinky. I should probably take up knitting or something or do something more constructive with my hands. you think?

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iPod Shuffle Not Seen In iTunes

I love my iPod Shuffle. I bought it so that I can listen to audiobooks when I’m not at my computer, except I haven’t used it because it wasn’t appearing on iTunes when I connected it to the computer.

I spent most of the afternoon uninstalling and reinstalling Itunes thinking it was a problem with their software!

Here’s what I needed to do to resolve that problem:

Verify that you have firmly inserted the USB cable into the headset jack on your iPod shuffle! :/ The cable should be flush against the iPod, with no visible gap. Ok. You can laugh now.

The image below on the left is an example of an iPod shuffle with a partially inserted cable. On the right is an iPod shuffle with the cable fully inserted and flush.

iPod shuffle with flush cableiPod shuffle with loose cable

Internet Killed the T.V.

What were your favorite television shows when you were young, and what did you like about them?

  • The Brady Bunch – I liked watching them grow older and the tune was rather catchy as I probably can still remember the words.  I thought it was neat how they had a maid.  It was sometimes corny but the kids were real.
  • Partridge Family – Again the tune was catchy and I liked the idea of them singing in a band travelling around on a bus.
  • Gilligan’s Island – THE TUNE WAS SO CATCHY! OMG! They had so many chances to get off that blasted Island but they blew it everytime , sometimes on purpose it seemed.
  • Let’s Make a Deal- It was fun while it lasted and kind of quirky particularly about what women carried in their purses lol!
  • Price Is Right- Loved playing along and guessing at the product prices. I even loved it more when the wheel was introduced. I just loved Bob Barker. I think he is my favorite game show host ever!
  • 10,00 Pyramid- This game had me thinking too much :p
  • The Gong Show – What people did for attention ha! They deserved to be Gonged.
  • Cher – A musical variety special with Cher . She really did it all with that show. I loved seeing Cassidy aka ? when she was young and Sonny was even on it for awhile.
  • Six Million Dollar Man- He’s the man , Catch him if you can, beat him if you can , love him if you can but he’s the man.  I loved how his eye honed and focused on his target.
  • The Bionic Woman – The bionic woman always had problems with her abilities . Not as good as Steve Austin but I always wished they could’ve stayed together in one show.
  • Charlie’s Angels – Farrah Fawcet will always be my favorite angel.
  • I Dream of Jeannie – loved it. Just the concept of a jinni in a bottle was so extravagant and she was beautiful.
  • Emergency 911, paramedics, ambulances and hospitals make a great TV show.
  • Isis – This was a saturday feature sometimes. I don’t remember it very well as it wasn’t on long enough but the fact that when this women would say the name ‘Isis’ usually when she needed help or was in danger , she would change into the goddess .  I guess my love for the paranormal started here and from watching Xena the warrior princess . Ok Hercules too .
  • Wonder Woman – same love and attraction for fantasy and paranormal
  • Beverly Hillbillies – The tune was good to sing along to as well as the other tv shows above that I liked growing up
  • The Carol Burnet Show – A good variety show that produced hysterical laughter out of Harvey Corman and Tim Conway and the audience.

First of all I watched TV usually when I got home from school around 4 pm to 6 pm and on Saturdays I’d watch all the game shows starting with The Price Is Right at 11 am. I was never into Soap Operas or daytime TV normally cause I was in school but in the evening I’d watch some TV again like one or two hours maybe and that was to watch Cher or the six million dollar man. It’s funny I don’t remember watching movies but I’m sure there were some. We didn’t have a VCR/DVD player and there was no such thing as Shaw on demand or pay per view or the Superchannel.

What I liked about watching those television programs? Most of it was just a mind numbing and relaxing experience that I’d enjoy as I fell asleep, not so much that I liked the program but the fact I was home from school. Looking back on those shows is about the stuff that rot the brain and if I watched them again I would be bored of ‘em I’m sure. I didn’t mention The Flintstone’s because I HATED THAT SHOW! Fred Flintstone’s voice was so loud and obnoxious as it happened to come on right before dinner. I am glad to have had the good notion to turn the TV off because I can’t stand anything loud on TV even now when it’s time to eat. UGH! The sound of silence after turning off the television when it’s time to eat is the sweetest sound there is! I never felt the novelty or attraction to eat in front of the TV unless it was popcorn or chips. TV dinner trays were something we never had growing up either. That was only in the movies.