‘Salem’s Lot by Stephen King


I’m taking a bite into scary books reading this book for October countdown to Halloween. If anyone else is interested to read a long with me please sign up on my main blog here: http://www.2jackies.com .

I like this person’s review. I admire those who can review a book without spoilers.

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The Town Knew Darkness

(A Book Review of Stephen King’s ‘Salem’s Lot)

Far more complex than his debut Carrie, Stephen King ups the ante in his sophomore hit ‘Salem’s Lot, published in 1975.  Raising the bar of horror from a quaint character study of a girl coming to terms with her powers and her eventual maturity, King opts to a much larger grasp of the terrors that haunts us (or more specifically the American way of life) by digging into the darkness hidden in the human heart and focusing on the familiar confines of small-town life where malevolence festers underneath the sheen of its idyllic exterior.

Jerusalem’s Lot, or ‘Salem’s Lot as commonly known and called by its locals, is no stranger to its own shadows one of which is the Marsten House, the notorious haunted house in the area where violent incidents and whispers of occult…

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Allison(Allie) Sekemoto


That is such a cute picture.

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Have you read The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa? You should. The series is called Blood of Eden, and they are absolutely amazing! I’ve already pre-ordered the 3rd book! Only like 2 weeks to go yay! Basically, without giving too much away, they are set a dystopian society where Vampires rule. They are not crappy vampire books(like twilight and those other sad excuses!) so don’t just dismiss them! The main character, Allie, kicks SUPER butt. Seriously, she’s up there with Tris Prior(divergent) and Pressia(pure). READ THE BOOKS DO ITTTT! They are pretty much the best thing you will ever read..ever! I drew a sweet, butt-kickng, scribble of Allie :)


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The Coveted Gift

The thing I never received probably because I never really told Santa that I wanted one and because it was a sin to covet or want something that Barb, Sue and Sally had. It was an easy bake oven. O Yeah. I wanted one but maybe I wasn't as good as they were :/

I also never received a simple Barbie! That just sucked six ways from Sunday!

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The Silver Dial

uh…. hangs head . Well here I am and it's 6:04 AM and I haven't gone to sleep yet. I really don't know what to think about this. I like it being so close to dawn and it's also really close to 9:00 AM in which I will probably go to bed around 10:00 AM. I would have to say the best hour of the day is 9 o'clock AM/PM for me cause it's close to bedtime and who doesn't like that? amIright?

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Simply the Nest

How bout NOT going to happen! There is a reason Humans live on THIS planet [earth]. It is the best suitable you fucking Morons! If you try to plant seeds with water and dirt on another planet, or pollute other planets with your modern crap do you honestly think you are equipped and smart enough to think it will produce the same results in some other foreign fucking environment? What the fuck do you plan on doing anyway? Blow our planet up, so you can have your little experiment party somewhere else? FUCK YOU!

Haha now that is out of the way ….. pack your bags and make sure to bring a big warm blanket with you so you can lay your head down and die.

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A Bad Habit To Break

Every time I read a book , or watch TV I'm constantly playing with my hair to the point where my arms get tired. It's as if my hands need something to do and I can't stop twirling and playing with it!

Eureka! Thank you very much Plinky. I should probably take up knitting or something or do something more constructive with my hands. you think?

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